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WordPress Base Animations Library

These pre-coded animations can be efficiently applied to any of our homepage designs. Libraries in use include Animate.css and anime.js. Both libraries allow for most CSS properties to be animated over time.

Animatable properties are values that can have math applied to them over time, including:

  • Color (change a background color or text color gradually)
  • Borders (add borders or re-color them)
  • Box shadows and text shadows (fade shadows in or out)
  • Positioning (move up, right, down, or left)
  • Scaling or font size (shrink or grow)
  • Rotation (rotate clockwise or counterclockwise at any speed)

The duration and easing of each animation can be changed by request. Delays, looping, staggered timing, and more can be applied.

C h a r a c t e r s F l y U p

Words Fade In